Rushali Mehta is graduated in journalism and mass communication Technia Institute of advance studies, IP university. After graduating she decided and persuaded for the digital marketing course because from her viewpoint, the world is getting more into online and she observed that the field of the digital world is changing drastically. So she decided to learn more about it by choosing to do a digital marketing course. Now she is been working as a Social media research executive at OMlogic.


“I have completed my graduation from journalism and mass communication from Technia Institute of advance studies, IP university. Being a journalism candidate I always being active on current affairs which I always been updated on. I had observed that the world is more changing and getting lean towards online work and in the online world, digital marketing is booming. I researched about the industry and how it works then I decide to persuade for the course. I decide to choose this field and develop my skill and creativity to another level and started learning from Skillcircle. I joined the Skillcircle because their way of teaching is different. It is more practical than theoretical. I knew that the industry needed more practical skills than theoretical ones. Shivam sir is one of the best mentors you can meet. He and his team provided the best learning environment to sharpen my skill. I joined Skillcircle to learn more about the industry and it has provided it with that way.”

After listening her story and experience we decided to ask Rushali few questions about her and experience at Skillcircle:

1.Why did you choose Digital Marketing course ?

Being into journalism I have always been active in the current affairs of the world. I saw that the IT industry is changing into now course with high pace. I saw that the digital marketing field is something that coming and evolving into a new age. So I saw that there is an opening for a whole new career field where I can choose to do digital marketing as a career option because here I can show my own creativity. I believe that digital media is the one where we can show our own creativity and today the whole world has become digital so choosing the digital marketing field as a career option is good.

2.What things you learn from digital marketing or learn’t till now?

Digital marketing is a deep field in itself. It has subfields and each field has its own career in the market and industry related to it. Although it is more real that this industry demands practical knowledge and relevant skill. So choosing the right field suitable to your interest and personality can be an advantage to get a good job in this industry. I learned a lot of things in digital marketing but I found my interest in Social Media Marketing(SMM), Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Optimization(SMO). I believe these fields is more suitable for my personality and I have more interest in Social media marketing. Although every field in digital marketing is considered equal in its own way and has every opportunity in the industry.

3.What yours aspiration? (you want to do in life)

Well, my aspiration is to become the CEO of a digital marketing company in the future. That would only be possible if I have immense experience in the field. I know this to achieve that I need to be well experienced in this field. I have to be smart and get results either as an employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur.

4.What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

I think after learning digital marketing, I am opened to a new world and want to utilize these opportunities before this industry becomes too over-populated and common. So I have to keep updated myself always to be on the pace of the changing digital world.

5.Why you opted skill circle for Digital marketing course?

Let me share my story and experience with you all. I joined SkillCircle, to learn digital marketing and to make my career in digital marketing. It showed me an immense world of opportunities. So from there on, I decided to do internships and also work as a freelancer for the areas that I started to feel confident in. I became capable of handling Social Media handles, run paid Ads on Facebook, Instagram, run Email Marketing campaigns, pull off strategies to grow an account on Linkedin, and generate leads. Today, I am not that unconscious and a little underconfident person that I used to be and can say that I am bound to grow as a person.”

6.How was your experience at skill circle?

I was overjoyed with the personal attention that they gave me not only during the course but even after I had completed it and started working. Their attitude of giving back to society is what I like the most about them.

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