Today let’s hear what Riddhima Kaura, a summer intern at Skill Circle, has to say about her experience as an intern with us.


 “My name is Riddhima Kaura. I’m pursuing BBA from a renowned college in Delhi but it seemed like an inappropriate decision to just pursue BBA. I kind of just felt meh. I yearned to learn more, yearned to learn something different. And that’s when it happened; the sparkle I was missing ignited the instant when I got to know about digital marketing and it seemed like that’s what I’m looking for and that’s what is up to my wavelength, then I got the opportunity to learn digital marketing from a very privileged fraternity Skill Circle. Learning digital marketing from Skill Circle was my best decision because it helped me to uplift my skills and I want to widen my horizon in this field. However, I’m open for new opportunities and after completing that course I did my digital marketing internship at Skill Circle only and from that Internship I got to learn a lot. Though it was my first internship but very interesting. The Skill Circle is a great fraternity to learn digital marketing. I strongly opine that Skill Circle helped me reaching up to my goals.


My specialties include quickly learning new skills, problem-solving, website designing and optimization, logo designing, SEO, social media marketing, content writing, Google ad campaign, Facebook ads, and looking forward to grabbing the best skills to stand in the competitive industries.”



Let us ask Riddhima about her journey as an intern at Skill Circle.


Q: Why did you choose a digital marketing course?


I decided to learn digital marketing in order to widen my horizon and to stand in the competitive industries.


Q: What things did you learn from digital marketing?


I learned many things. I learned WordPress designing, SEO, social media marketing, content writing, Google AdWords, Google analytics, and email marketing.


Q: What are yours aspiration?


I want to explore more in the digital marketing field because in the modern era digital marketing is a trend and I want to uplift myself by grabbing new skills so that one day I’ll be a successful woman in terms of my career and my life.


Q: What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?


I’ll definitely apply these skills to start my career as I’m a fresher right now and I’m planning to pursue photoshop and animation and VFX course to give my best in the digital marketing industry.


Q: Why did you decide to learn digital marketing from Skill Circle?


I chose Skill Circle because it is one of the privileged and renowned institutions in Delhi and Skill Circle ignited and instilled good skills in me so that I can surge myself to greater heights and achieve my dreams.


Q: How was your experience at the Skill Circle?


It was relentlessly great. I learned many things and I see myself as a successful digital marketer in the future. I made some lifelong friends. I did a couple of live projects. i enjoyed a lot!



This is it from Riddhima. Know more about life at Skill Circle through our blogs and don’t forget to follow us on our social media handles!


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