Nivedita is a post-graduated student from Delhi University. She wants to own a digital marketing company as a long-term goal, until then she wants to do a job in the respective field to polish her skills and gain experience.

Let’s know more about her journey through her words: 

“I have done my Graduation and post-graduation in Commerce from Delhi University. After completing my post-graduation, I got a private job as a Quality Analyst. Apart from that I have tried my luck in several Government exams and other professional courses but I could never discern my interest in any of these, I realized that I was doing it just for sake of doing it because that’s what we are taught.

I always had an interest in Digital Marketing and was just entailing a kick, which I got from the Skillcircle. They inspired me and helped me pursue what I always wanted to. You can Learn Digital marketing from anywhere as there is a plethora of online platforms and institutes providing you a certificate for that but Skillcircle along with the certificate also assist you with the carrier paths available in this field and how one can polish the skills to stand out in the crowd.”

After listening to her experience with SkillCircle we decided to ask her few questions about it.

1. Why did you choose the Digital Marketing course?

Digital marketing has various carrier opportunities and you can choose to be proficient in any of them as per your interest. Also, the future is going to be digital they say, so why not start now. It is a Carrier oriented field and there is a lot of wiggle room to grow in Digital marketing.

2 . What things do you learn from digital marketing or have learned till now?

Digital marketing is a vast field in itself, you can never stop learning. There is always something new and unique you can do. Also, I could comprehend that one should follow the market trends and adapt to the changes frequently to make steady growth in the field of digital marketing. While running some campaigns on social media, I have learned that social platforms have the potential to make you shine anywhere you want to be provided you are making the best use of it. 

3. What is your aspiration? (you want to do in life)

I am already from the sales field and what I have learned is marketing is a field that is constantly growing more and more with coming technologies. As we know everything around us is digitalizing and I wanted to build my marketing skills and become the best digital marketer in the coming years.

4. What do you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

I aspire to own a Digital Marketing agency in the future, where I would like to make it evident that taking your business on digital platforms can create wonders for you. As of now, I would continue working for someone and polishing my skills for my future aspirations.

5. Why you opted SkillCircle for a Digital marketing course?

I chose Skill circle because it counseled me well and sounded promising. I also had seen the testimonials and reviews provided by the alumni which made me opt out skill circle to pursue the digital marketing course. Digital marketing course left wide open so many doors for me to choose amongst. I developed my interest in social media marketing and Google ads while pursuing the digital marketing course at Skillcircle. I can do a job and also can go for freelancing in the desired field.

6. How was your experience at the SkillCircle?

It was a great experience learning a skill from Skillcircle. The after assistance is what I like the most about the institute. It is not only confined to providing a certificate but also boosting the confidence and guidance to follow the right path. It was worth learning things from here.


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