why did you choose digital marketing course ?

To enhance my skills and explore new things that can bring new opportunities for me.

What things you learn from digital marketing or learn’t till now?

Well this course taught me many things. I learned the startup vision and the entrepreneur approach that must be followed when you are starting from scratch. Covering all digital marketing modules, Social Media Marketing was the best I learned from this Course. At the end most thing I learned was that I need to be patient. Good things came to me directly when I was patiently working and focusing more on learning process.

What yours aspiration? (you want to do in life)

I want to be an Entrepreneur super soon.

What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

Digital marketing opens up various channels. Initially you can start working as Freelancer. Because during the time only you learn the basics to start working your own. Plus there are many options available you can work on affiliate projects. And yes doing a job in the same is always available.

why you opted skill circle for Digital marketing course?

Well despite the course module the best part of Skill Circle was they were providing Mentor Hours and Events with Industry Speacilist. This was something really attractive and valuable I found. I enjoyed all those Sessions which were organised by them during the time frame.

How was your experince at skill circle?

It was great learning under Nimit Sir mentorship. Despite learning the best was my random talk sessions which Shivam Sir was amazing during my course. Those 10 to 15 mins meeting made me much confident about my startup and vision.


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