Skill Circle Review : “Hey, all! This is Mamta Ahlawat. I am a final year student, pursuing my bachelor’s from mata sundri college, Delhi University, and I am also currently doing a summer training programme at THE SKILL CIRCLE.” and I want to share honest Skill circle reviews.

I have always been a person who challenges her own capabilities by adapting every single opportunity that would come into the sojourn in her ocean. I have always believed in the power of conviction that if you are fully determined towards what you want to achieve, then no matter what & how much it would take you through it but you will definitely get it with that of your strong determinations and I felt that kind of determination when I first attended this webinar conducted by Shivam Sir in the month of June 2020 in which he talked about this digital marketing internship programme he was to start in that month and I wanted to learn digital marketing but I was sort of confused about if I should put my money into that programme or not, and when the webinar got ended, I found myself off the latch on my surmises and I just couldn’t stop myself enrolling for the programme at The Skill Circle and also because of his very way of explaining everything very clearly and the determination, perseverance and stimulation I felt in him. Inspiration comes from an inspiration of an inspired, and he truly is an inspiration for me, I am completely obliged to him, he is such a wonderful, fully-determined and a very sophisticated person that I ever got to know about. And it has been a great privilege for me to be a part of The Skill Circle.


Skill circle review

What are you currently doing?

I am currently pursuing bachelor’s from Mata Sundri College, Delhi University.

Why did you choose digital marketing course?

I chose digital marketing having this strong belief that this is one of the most growing areas of online business, and it will continue dominating in the coming years, which will also lead to a great digital marketing career opportunity for me in the future. And in the coming years, the schemes of marketers would rely more on the online channels for their brand marketing, and digital marketing is one of such platforms.

I read so many Skill circle reviews on the internet. So I started learning with Skillcircle.

What is your aspiration in life?

I want to start my own shoe brand. And choosing digital marketing would help me turn that desire into reality and digital marketing has become the next big thing that almost every organization/service is opting to advertise their products/services at a large scale all across. So, learning doesn’t go any less of your one more step close to your ambitions.

What do you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

With all the adhesive knowledge about social marketing I have learned from the Skill Circle, I can build my personal brand and will be able to expand my business at a very large scale, I can start my own digital marketing agency, I can be an affiliate marketer, a social media executive, a web designer, a content marketer. 

What have you learnt from digital marketing course till now?

So far, I have got to learn all the basic and advance knowledge about web designing over word press, social media marketing, and content writing. In the first two weeks, we were taught about the basic knowledge of web designing theoretically and to implement the knowledge practically, we were assigned a website with the domain name and hosting and got to learn that how to interact with the real clients and Along with the program, we also got the opportunity to be assigned as interns to run the live ad campaigns over Facebook and Instagram after the first two weeks. It is more of an internship opportunity along with the learning opportunity 💓

Why you opted Skill Circle for digital marketing course?

Speaking of the course, digital marketing is one of the challenging courses you need to have practical knowledge about. And skill circle ensures to cover all the aspects of digital learning parts whether it be:

•practical knowledge,
•marketing knowledge or it be

Before enrolling for this course and opting skill circle, I wanted to make sure if this institution I was entailing the risk of putting my money will be worth enrolling for or not, then I attended this webinar took by shivam sir, and i must say, not only he just ensures you to teach the best out of the basic and advance knowledge about the course but also ensures you a better and stable career afterward. HE IS THE BEST.:-)

In fact after training, I posted a 5 Star Skill Circle REVIEW ON google 🙂

How was your experience at the Skill Circle?

Posting my honest Skill Circle review , I had an amazing experience at The Skill Circle, and the most amazing of all was that Shivam sir was teaching us. Amidst of that pandemic situation going around, it seemed a little more difficult at first that how come would it be possible to understand the concepts of the course via zoom but then after Shivam sir took his very first session, the reality was completely opposite of that of my expectations. And Shivam sir, is such a complete genius that he had all the answers available for every question asked to him about the digital parts, he is really cooperative. Literally, man, he is amazing.🤩

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