Rithik Gupta is a second-year BBA student at IP University. He lives in Delhi with his parents. Joined SkillCircle in the year 2020 as an Intern under Digital Marketing. Read his story in his words below :

Hey guys my name is Rithik and I would like to share my story and experience while working with SkillCircle as a Digital Marketing Intern. Skillcircle collaborated with our college (IINTM)  and they organized a webinar hosted by Shivam Ahuja. Honestly, Initially, I was sceptical about the company and digital marketing as an option for a career but Anyhow I attended that webinar. And the moment Shivam sir interacted with us, all my scepticism vanished. The way he took that webinar was very amusing, powerful, interactive and thus I enrolled myself in. Our whole Internship+Training program was under the mentorship of Shivam Ahuja and till date, I have zero complaints regarding anything. Shivam sir is like Jeetu bhaiya from Kota Factory- a web-series. His storytelling, Passion, experiences, enthusiasm very well compliments his Mentorship. Digital marketing course, in general, is a vivid stream but skillcircle designed this program in such a way that we will cover all pillars of Digital Marketing with basic, intermediate level and we will get some of the exclusive opportunities too, that’s a win-win situation, guys! At last, I am completely satisfied with this course, and I sincerely thanks to Shivam Ahuja sir for all this exposure!

Q.1) Why did you choose digital marketing course ?

Digital Marketing As a Career is a booming career path for students. Those who are committed and passionate about Digital Marketing As a Career, it is a career with excellent long-term prospects. As demand for digital marketing has grown, so has the number of specialist digital jobs require in companies and agencies.

Q.2) What things you learn from digital marketing or learn’t till now?

The following topics are covered till date

  1. Increasing Demand for Digital Marketing Skills and WordPress -how to make a website on WordPress
  2. Content Marketing
  3. A part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Landing Page and its Optimization
  5. Copywriting
  6. Blogging
  7. Social media marketing
  8. Facebook Ad campaigns

Q.3) What yours aspiration? (you want to do in life)

In the initial stage of my career, I want to kick start with startups as there are ample opportunities to develop and grow our skill sets, personality, decision making and much more but after a point of time there should be some kind of stability will be required then I’ll prefer to work in a reputed MNC along with this I am always open for freelance projects.

Q.4) What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

  1. I can make websites on WordPress –
  2. Can do Content Marketing, Copywriting, Blogging
  3. I can do social media marketing and can run a Facebook Ad campaign
    Hence, I can do freelancing as a side business

Q.5) Why you opted skill circle for Digital marketing course?

When searching for an internship one of the main concern was that faculty/superior should be admirable and when I attended Shivam sir’s webinar my hunt was over.
He was so good at his field and plus the combo which he was offering back then(internship+training+exclusive opportunities)  is like a win-win situation for me. That’s why the SkillCircle is a one-sided winner.

Q.6) How was your experience at skill circle?

Till date my whole experience is fabulous. Doing internship under the mentorship of Shivam Ahuja is great and enjoyable
Though all sessions are conducted through online meetings, the way Shivam sir interacts with the whole batch is amusing as well as informative.


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