Let’s know how a digital marketing interested girl finally became digital marketer


Hello everyone my name is Purva , currently I am an intern at Skill Circle and today I have have got this opportunity to share my thoughts and experience about SkillCircle and Digital Marketing.

During this lockdown period I along with everyone of my college who was in 2nd year were supposed to do an internship. I did manage to get one good internship in marketing field. Everything was going great , but I felt there was something missing in my internship, it felt like I am not able to learn anything new or very trendy. And I always had some interest towards Digital marketing and was curious about how people make their personal brand and yes ofcourse Money’ while using social media platforms and websites. Later that day coincidentally I got a message from my college about the webinar regarding Digital Marketing which was conducted by Shivam Ahuja sir( CEO- SC).

That I guess 2 hrs webinar actually made be believe that Digital marketing is ‘NOT A WALK ON CAKE’ however It was very informative and things he told us in that webinar was actually of real world stats and not just marketing about his products. Also his idea of providing TRAINING + INTERNSHIP was what made me convinced to join Skill Circle and I would proudly say it was worth it , everything – the time , the money.

As far my experience with Skill Circle and being a student of Shivam sir was great and I got to know not only about how to make amazing websites, SMM, Ad campaigns and other things but also I interacted with many people belonging to different states and universities so I helped me grow my network which is every important now-a-days.Whosoever is reading or going to read I would suggest you guys to give a try at Skill Circle for Digital Marketing, it might become a great golden opportunity and a turning point for you also as It worked for me.

Why did you choose digital marketing course ?

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing course and is very much important for people and specially the millennial generation to understand its importance as the competition in market is increasing day by day.  

So I researched about Digital marketing and its components and it fascinated me enough to enroll myself for this course.

What you are currently doing?

Currently I am doing my Graduation.

What things you learn from digital marketing or learn’t till now?

1. Through digital marketing I’m now able to create responsive websites

2. I can do Social media marketing through ads and gain the attention of people for particular product.

3. Later I will be learning creation of Google Ads

What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

I can offer my services to startups, established business , also being I m into logo designing I can work as a logo designer for my clients.

Why you opted skill circle for Digital marketing course?

I got to know about skill circle through my college and I’m glad I opted Skill circle for this particular course because it is best in the Delhi- NCR and my mentor- Shivam Ahuja ( CEO-SC) believes in practical training experience hence it enhances your skills and also justifies the course which basically includes Digital

How was your experince at skill circle?

I’m still a student / intern at Skill Circle and till now my experience is great and informative .


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