Today we are going to meet Nitika Sharma, a wonderful intern at Skill Circle, who joined us in the month of June, 2020 through a summer internship program.

Nitika is a person who is always ready to learn new things. She is very active during the online classes and shares her views, questions and insights with everyone. She is a fast learner and has got excellent communication skills.

She is keenly interested in marketing, mysteries of the universe, cooking and learning languages. You would be surprised to know that she can speak 5 languages!

Let’s know more about her:

“I am Nitika Sharma. I just love to learn about new things. It is my passion. What I believe is that if a person stops learning, his growth stops right there. So I look forward to learning something new everyday.

In my school time, I was a student who only loved her books and nothing else. However, when I joined college, things changed. I got to know a new world of opportunities to learn and to grow.

I interned with Internshala and Growup Group and learnt many things about marketing, management,  communication and leadership.

Then, I found about summer internship program by Skill Circle through a webinar. I joined it. I am learning many things here.”


We asked Nitika some questions about her journey at Skill Circle. Here’s what she has got to say:

Q: Why did you choose Skill Circle?

To be true, I joined Skill Circle because I was inspired by Shivam sir. In the month of June, he was taking a webinar on the importance of digital marketing. He told us about the benefits of learning digital marketing and how we can make a promising career in it.

I got to know about the summer internship program that Skill Circle was offering. The biggest plus point, in my opinion, was that the program came with live projects which are really essential for any person just starting out.

Q: Why did you enroll yourself for the digital marketing program?

Though there were other programs as well, but I chose digital marketing because I was really interested in learning that.

As you know, I joined the program when lock down was still in place. So, every business was going digital. They needed professionals to facilitate the transformation.

I thought of this as an opportunity and grabbed it as it arose.

Q: What have you learnt till now?

Till now, I have learnt how to design beautiful websites on WordPress and that too without coding! As I am not from a technical background, it does help me a lot.I have also learnt social media marketing and will soon be learning about Google ads.

We also learnt how to generate leads and acquire projects. Only in a day, I was able to grab 2 projects from market. Everyone was amazed by that!

Q: How was your experience at Skill circle?

My experience so far has been truly amazing. Sir teaches us in a very easy and simple way. Plus he takes all our doubts no matter how much time it may take.

We have been placed in teams to complete our projects. My team is just fabulous. We all hustle together to complete our project. We all worked on a website and designed it from scratch.

To be honest, I am learning new things everyday and it really makes me happy!

Q: What do you aspire to be? How can digital marketing help you in achieving     your goals?

For now, I want to learn whatever I can. I want to polish my skills and establish my personal brand. After that, I plan to open up a digital marketing agency with my friends.

In the future, I would like to become a teacher as well and inspire others to take up digital marketing as a career option just like Shivam sir inspired me.


This is it from our meeting with Nitika. Wanna know more about life at Skill Circle? Just follow us on our social media handles or subscribe to our website.


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