In this post we will share story and interview of Nikhil Manchanda, A student of SkillCircle, now an alumni.

Nikhil Manchanda is a Final Year Student of Bcom(h) at Institute of Information In technology And Management (IITM). An average Student now working as a Digital Marketer along with that gaining practical experience by working as an Intern and developing his career.

Now Read Nikhil’s experience, Story and his Interview After SkillCircle :

Hello readers, let me share my story and experience with you all. I joined SkillCircle, and from there on, from being an average student to an aspiring and goal-oriented person, my perspectives changed. It showed me an immense world of opportunities. So from there on, I decided to do internships and also work as a freelancer for the areas that I started to feel confident in. I became capable of handling Social Media handles, run paid Ads on Facebook, Instagram, run Email Marketing campaigns, pull off strategies to grow an account on Linkedin, and generate leads. Today, I am not that conscious and a little under confident guy that I used to be and can say that I am bound to grow as a person.”

Question And Answers :

Q.1) Why did you choose Digital Marketing course ?

I chose digital marketing as a side course along with my graduation because I felt the need to do more. There were hardly any practical skills taught on campus and to rely on them for jobs or business skills was not wise enough.

Q.2) What are you currently pursuing and from where?

I am trying my best to learn hands-on and do internships that actually involve practical work. Currently, I am interning for a startup called “Farms2families” which is aimed at providing fresh organic vegetables from farms to families in urban areas. Along with that, I am in my last year of Bcom(h) from the Institute of Information Technology and Management.

Q.3) What things you learn from digital marketing or learn’t till now?

There has been an immense learning experience with this course and I want to learn more and more because of it’s interesting nature. Be it SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development, Domain flipping, Linkedin Marketing, or anything else, there is a huge world out there waiting to be explored and it personally makes me curious because of the scope and affect that it has on today’s world. Doing practical internships made me realize the value of money management, team spirit, and delivering things on time.

Q.4) What yours aspiration?

My aspirations as a person are to live a happy life and not stress over things that are not in my control. To be a smart worker and get results either as an employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur.

Q.5) What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

I think after learning digital marketing, I am opened to a new world and want to utilize these opportunities before this industry becomes too over-populated and common.

Q.6) Why you opted skill circle for Digital marketing course?

I randomly searched for institutes I could learn digital marketing from in Delhi, I came across a few of them, visited some and chose Skill Circle because they made me trust them with their work environment and dedicated team and also the achievements that they had achieved as an organization.

Q.7) How was your experience at SkillCircle?

I was overjoyed with the personal attention that they gave me not only during the course but even after I had completed it and started working. Their attitude of giving back to society is what I like the most about them.


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