why did you choose digital marketing course ?

Because I know the importance of using the Internet in 2020 and I always wanted to learn Real-life skills and Digital Marketing is one of them.

What things you learn from digital marketing or learn’t till now?

A lot of things!! I can do my own Personal Branding by creating a lot of valuable content and I can market different businesses using Digital Media for their Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition, or selling their products or services.

What yours aspiration? (you want to do in life)

I want to be a lifetime Learner and create a lot of positive impact on our country by learning a lot of new skills and using them to add value to this whole world.

What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

I can do various things like Online Content Creation, building an online business, or marketing an offline business using Digital Media. Currently, I am doing Freelance Digital Marketing projects.

why you opted skill circle for Digital marketing course?

Shivam sir had once conducted a seminar on Digital Marketing in my college and from that day I started following him on Instagram and after 8 months I joined Skillcircle because of him.

How was your experince at skill circle?

Amazing. I have learned a lot of new things which has completely changed my mindset regarding the whole traditional college degree-based education system and learning the real-life skills required in 2020.


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