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Kanishk Sharma is a B.Tech student currently pursuing in Computer Science from Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta Institute of Technology and Management which comes under IP university. He is a Delhi resident and joined SkillCircle Institute in year 2020. He is a Digital Marketer and a Web Developer. He aspires to be an Entrepreneur and run his own startup for which he enrolled Digital Marketing course from our Institute. We are lucky to have him as our Alumini. We have his Interview..

Q1. Why you opted for doing internship at SkillCircle? How did you get to know about SkillCircle?

“I was in Entrepreneurship Cell of my college. In an event organized by us, Mr.Shivam Ahuja Sir(Founder of SkillCircle) was called to deliver a session on Digital Marketing. I was volunteering the event at that time and was listening to him sincerely. Amazingly, his session on Digital Marketing convinced me towards him and his Institute. SkillCircle has great mentors having true knowledge and hacks of growth. They have great placement partners as well.”

Q2. Why did you choose Digital Marketing course?

“After completing my 10+2 in the year 2019, in the transition phase from school to college I had about 3 months where I got to know about Digital Marketing and I was fascinated with the power Digital world has! I researched about it from everywhere, connected with people in this niche and gained whatever I could.”

Q3. What things have you learnt from Digital Marketing till now?

“Digital Marketing has taught me the power of networking and reaching out people and how we can formulate our own success path. I got to know about its techniques and tactics to drive relevant audience and ultimately converting them. I made several Facebook Ad Campaign worth Rs.70000+ and generated 500+ leads for SkillCircle and finally converted them. It was an amazing experience and exposure to learn.”

Q4. What are your aspirations and what do you want to do in life?

“When I was in class 10th, I wanted to be a Pilot. This dream as let down by me due to finance it requires. I aspire to be an Entrepreneur making solutions to the problems. Being a startup enthusiast, I want to achieve this and want to build my own company one day.”

Q5. What do you think you can do after learning Digital Marketing course?

“I think Digital Marketing is the golden way which can guide me through the success path with making smart efforts rather than making hard efforts. I can be a Marketing Manager in a well established firm or can be a person running his own firm. Who knows?”

Q6. How was your experience at SkillCirle?

“My experience in the institute was quite knowledgeable and life changing. SkillCirle has great mentors, always there to help. Shivam Sir is truely a motivating person and the best mentor I’ve got.”


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