Anurag Ahuja Is a Second Year BBA(Bachelor’s In business administration) student of IP university. He lives in Delhi  He joined Skill Circle in the year 2020. Anurag has very much interest in social media marketing so he decides to up-skill himself by learning Digital Marketing.

“Hey, guys! My name is Anurag and I would like to share my story and experience with Skill Circle and Digital Marketing. As my family business is in the pharmaceuticals line and in the future my aim is to expand my business. So it is important to get a piece of proper knowledge about Digital marketing. For my first internship, I was very keen to get into the company which gives me proper advice. As I am the Class Representative of my class I requested my mentor/ program directors to give the right way so that I can improve my skills in digital marketing. So, she suggested me to join a webinar organized by Skill Circle. That webinar was taken by Shivam Ahuja Sir. Shivam Sir was very interactive and the way he explained the content was amazing. Then he briefly told us about Skill Circle,  about this course and the most significant thing was that he offered us Course as well as Internship the idea was really valuable.”

Let’s ask Anurag about his experience at Skill Circle

Q: Why did you choose a digital marketing course?

It is a promising career path. Digital marketing is one of those careers that require creativity and hard-working professional life.

Q: What things you learned till now?

Till now I have learned about  WordPress designing. I have also learned about social media marketing and Google AdWords. I daily learn something at Skill Circle.

Q: What are your aspirations? 

I wish to enhance all my capabilities and unfold my hidden talents. I look forward to learning new things in the future.

Q: What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

After learning digital marketing, I can venture into the field of freelancing. I can open my agency or find a reputable job in the industry.

 Q: Why you opted Skill Circle for Digital marketing course?

Skill Circle is the support system for us to get skilled. In-depth knowledge is provided by Skill Circle. Special thanks to Shivam Ahuja sir for making my future brighter.

Q: How was your experience at Skill Circle?

The experience was very amazing and also I am really grateful to be a part of the Skill Circle. 


This is Anurag Ahuja, a summer intern at Skill Circle


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