Meet Parminder Singh, one of the most experienced Interns in the Batch of July 2020. He helps other Interns by sharing his experience about many things. Read his inspiring story in his words:

Hi myself Parminder Singh an MBA, turned Personal Branding Practitioner, turned social media strategist, sooner going to be a Coach to students and startups. I want to start a Digital agency that will serve the clients to scale their business to the next level. I started my internship with Skillcircle in June 2020 when the world was fighting with the global pandemic of Covid-19. Some people were getting stuck in their problems where I chose to opt for it as an opportunity. I got this chance to enhance my skills as well as my career growth. I am fond of learning new skills for the advancement of my career. In this 6 week internship, I learned WordPress designing, Social media marketing through different platforms, content creation, copywriting skills, and many more. Now, I am very confident about my skills and having faith in me that I can help my clients in a more better way. Another benefit of this internship is that I got the skill that how to pitch the clients in a way so that they can not refuse our services. To conclude, I would like to say that it is a very great opportunity for me as I was looking for this kind of internship and I got the chance. I would like to thank Mr. Shivam Ahuja (Founder CEO of Skillcircle).

Q.1) Why did you choose digital marketing course ?

In this era of technology and advancement, all need to grow their skills to advance their career opportunity. Nowadays, A single skill is not enough and Digital marketing is providing great exposure to someone’s career and help them to reach out their goals

Q.2) What things you learn from digital marketing or learn’t till now?

I have learned Designing Websites on WordPress, Creating Content, Ad copies, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Scaling the Business, and lot more.

Q.3) What yours aspiration? (you want to do in life)

I want to Start an agency which works on Next level and helps the people to Scale their businesses.

Q.4) What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

There are a lot of services we can provide after learning the Digital Marketing Course. but for me, i will go for a Digital Marketing agency and serve the startups and country as well.

Q.5) Why you opted skill circle for Digital marketing course?

As I am looking for great exposure in my career and I was looking for too many institutes who are teaching Digital Marketing. Then I find Skill Circle suitable for my Objectives. Its reviews are also positive.

Q.6) How was your experience at skill circle?

It is going fabulous. I am learning a lot and Shivam Sir teaching us in a very great very. Each class is full of enthusiasm and I love the way of practical training he is providing. Moreover, He also shares his experiences with us that is appreciable.


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