“I want to help others with my Digital Marketing skills”- Purnima, the philanthropic marketer


There are many interns in SkillCircle who did well in their different fields and achieved there goal of life and performing well. Here, we are going to take an interview of such intern and going to learn what they used to do in their internship. Here the intern is” Miss Purnima Kumari Mahato” . She is a girl of remote area in Jharkhand. This internship is the first internship of her. Let know each and everything from her.

Intro of Miss Purnima

Introducing her to all of you, Miss Purnima Kumari Mahato. She is from Jharkhand.Currently, she is pursuing her B.Tech from “University College of Engineering and Technology, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand” and her branch is”Electronic and Communication Engineering”.

She started doing this internship in the month of June 2020 when the whole world was under Covid pandemic situation .Let’s know about her that “why she chosen SkillCircle for doing an internship and how she get to know about this internship?” Here, we are having the extract of an interview which is as given below.

Interview of Miss Purnima

What’s your name and your qualification ?

 My name is Purnima Kumari Mahato. I am pursuing my B.Tech from University College of Engineering & Technology,Hazaribagh. I did my matriculation and intermediate from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,Dhanbad,Jharkhand and also did Diploma from Government Women’s Polytechnic,Bokaro,Jharkhand.

What you have learnt under this internship?

I learnt about wordpress designing, hiring clients from different sources and learning google ads, social media marketing.

All these come from a single topic of digital marketing.It means finally I am going to be in digital world where the numbers of customers and the sellers are in huge quantity.

What’s your aspiration, objectives, future goal or aim?

 As I belongs to a middle class family. That’s why I decided to do an ordinary job and could be able to fulfil my family desires.

But after doing this internship, I loved to work in the digital era so that  I could help people from all over the world and would learn more about my topics. Because I want to serve everyone as much as possible however I could.

How will digital marketing help you with your aspiration?

 Since, I thought to see in the digital world I would prefer to start something of my own.

What you did in your internship?

 At the beginning, I learnt how to use wordpress and uses elementor then I made my linkedID, google my business account for hiring clients and also knows about social media marketing.

Why you opted for doing internship at SkillCircle? How you know about SkillCircle.

 I am always interested in getting knowledge from anywhere I could.

So, I chose to do Internship from somewhere. But when my college sent the an e-mail of skill circle then I was inspired by it and my mind fixed itself for doing this internship.

That’s all about Miss Purnima. We hope that all of you are well and save. Thank you.


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