Prashant Kumar is an alumnus of Skillcircle who didn’t know what is digital marketing. He was very much stressed about finding a job in the lockdown scenario. His friend suggested him to learn digital marketing skills and after completing his course at Skillcircle, now he is working at Grepix Infotech an IT-based company in Noida.

Let’s know more about his journey through his words: 

“It all started with the lockdown, I knew that something called digital marketing exists but never had a clear idea about it. I always wanted to learn a skill that’s unique and also in demand. Due to the pandemic, things got really troubled and I was in need of a job. I asked so many people for help but I wasn’t able to find a job because I didn’t have any unique skills. I met a friend of mine and he suggested me to pursue a digital marketing course. I also thought about it and made up my mind to give it a shot. I researched about the course and got to know about Skillcircle.  There I have learned about what digital marketing really is and what are the scopes after doing the course. I decided to join Skillcicle and now I am working with Grepix Infotech an IT-based company in Noida.” 

After listening to his experience with SkillCircle we decided to ask him few questions about it.

1. Why did you choose the Digital Marketing course?

I didn’t know anything about digital marketing before but I’ve heard of it. I never thought I will do this course but I always had a keen interest in social media and its marketing procedure and I got to know that digital marketing also includes social media so I developed some interest in digital marketing and the skills it includes. For me, this was the best option.

2 . What things do you learn from digital marketing or have learned till now?

Digital marketing course includes various skills, what I have learned about is Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Google and Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Website Designing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

3. What is your aspiration? (you want to do in life)

There are many things, but first of all, I always wanted to secure my career. As a long-term goal, I want to start my own digital marketing company. I want to help my community and to achieve this I have to work hard and earn a good amount of money.

4. What do you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

Digital marketing is a grooming sector in which lots of opportunities are there to be taken. To be honest digital marketing is becoming a game-changing aspect nowadays. Every business needs marketing. A few years back people were not so aware of the digital marketing course and skills and now this is a skill that is in high demand. So by learning this I see I can do plenty number of things of my own choice.

5. Why you opted SkillCircle for a Digital marketing course?

As I have already mentioned above I didn’t know anything about digital marketing and my friend has suggested me to pursue this course. I researched on the internet and got to know about Skillcircle. When I read the reviews and policies of Skillcircle I was so fascinated by them and decided to come here only for the digital marketing course.

6. How was your experience at the SkillCircle?

My experience at Skillkcircle was really good. I had a great time here. All the teachers are very helpful and supportive. The environment of the class is very nice and interactive.


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