Pratham Jain Is a Second Year BBA(Bachelor’s In business administration) student of IP university. He lives in Delhi with his parents. He joined SkillCircle in the year 2020 when the world was fighting with global pandemic (Covid-19) and when there was a lockdown in the whole world. Pratham has very much interest in computers so he decides to upgrade his skills by learning Digital Marketing. Let’s see how he got to know about skills circle and digital marketing in his words.

“Hey guys my name is Pratham and I would like to share my story and experience about SkillCircle and Digital Marketing. So when there was a lockdown in the month of April 2020 I got an internship in a company from my College internship cell and that was my first internship but due to some reasons I was not able to complete it and I dropped that one in between. Then I ask my mentors, program directors, that what to do in this free time now and how I can utilize my time. So, she suggested me to join a webinar organized By SkillCircle, and to be honest I have never heard about SkillCircle before. So, I joined it and that webinar was taken by Shivam Ahuja Sir. that was the best webinar ever, Sir was very interactive and I enjoyed it a lot. He told us about SkillCircle, About this course and the most important thing was he offered us (Course + Internship), which I thought was really unique. So, I joined it without thinking a lot.”

After listening to his story we asked some questions about His learning and experience with SkillCircle. 


Questions And Answers




Q.1) What you are currently pursuing ?

Currently, I am Completing my graduation. I am perusing BBA from IP University. Also perusing E-Accounting and Digital Marketing course as an extra curriculum activity.

Q.2) What yours aspiration ? What you want to do in life ?

My aspiration was very clear that I will be a finance manager, but after pursuing Digital Marketing From SkillCircle I would like to be a Freelancer and continue to provide my services of website designing.

Q.3) Why did you choose digital marketing course ?

I felt that digital marketing is a very interesting subject to learn and there is a lot of scope in this field. My college mentors, Program directors, HOD all suggested us to learn digital marketing. Also, I have an interest in Computers so I always opt for opportunities that enhance my skills into it. 

Q.4) What things you learn from digital marketing or learn’t till now?

Week 1– I learned, what is digital marketing, domain, hosting, how to buy it, C-panel, WordPress Designing and many more.

Week 2– Onborad a real client.

Week 3 And Week 4– Social media Marketing, How to run campaign, ads, analyzing a campaign and a lot more.

Week 5 – We learned about running google ads.

Week 6 – We recall whatever we learned till now, Shivam Sir solved our doubts, Ask questions and answers like a test and a lot more.

Q.5) Why you opted skill circle for Digital marketing course?

When i was finding an internship, SkillCircle came in front of me and  offered me an opportunity of (Course+Internship) in digital marketing. Which sounds really good to me and then after Attending a webinar with Shivam Sir, i was confirmed that i will do it.

Q.6) How was your experience at skill circle?

My Internship with SkillCircle was very fabulous its not just an internship it was some good memories which I have made. All the time spend was very good its not wrong if I use the term (learn with fun). After just two weeks we proudly updated our profiles and represent us as a freelancer in the market. All credit goes to Shivam Ahuja Sir, he told us many facts which may be no one will tell you about Digital Marketing, also whatever story he told us he always shows proof of it live.

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