Kapil Awasthi aspires to become a master in digital marketing. He shares his journey from a student to a full-time professional digital marketing executive. He always had a keen interest in doing creative tasks which eventually made him today a full-time employee.


“I was always been the person who had an interest in doing the creative task and will always have. I believe in hard work and keep believing in that because it pays off. I choose this field to expand my ways to do creative things and determinant to be on that. In 2019 my friend told me about an SEO internship. Then I had joined that company and I did an internship for 4-6 months. Then after that, they hired me as an SEO executive in their organization. I learned a lot of things like Website ranking, keyword research, link building, etc. And after that, I decided that I will do the course in digital marketing. Then, I searched a lot of institutes for doing this course. Among those institutes, I like Skill Circle because they were providing so many modules either than others. When I was pursuing this course, I gave an interview in this field then they hired me as a digital marketing executive in their organization. And after that, I complete my course at Skill Circle, and now by the reference of skill circle, I m placed in the company much better than before. Thank you So much Skill Circle. Life at skill circle.”

After listening to his story we asked some questions about His learning and experience with SkillCircle.

1.Why did you choose the Digital Marketing course?

I always had an interest in doing creative things. In my opinion creative tasks always show the direction of a new way of ideas to implement it and because of this reason I always had an interest in doing creative tasks. Digital marketing course is a field of creative things and ideas that interest me a lot and that’s why I choose the digital marketing course for stepping up my career.

2 .What things you learn from digital marketing or learn’t till now?

Digital marketing is very deep in itself to learn. It’s a practical field that can only be learned by applying it in a practical way. I learned a lot of things but as I said before that I always had an interest in challenging and creative things I like and choose to go for SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google AdWords. I think these modules are the most relevant and demanding in the market.

3.What yours aspiration? (you want to do in life)

My ambition is to be a Master in Digital Marketing. As I mentioned that digital marketing course is a field where I can find the challenges in which I can put creative ideas into the work has always intrigued me to stay in this field. That is why my ambition is to become a master in digital marketing.

4.What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

As the person I am, I would like to be an entrepreneur because it has many challenges to go through it. Although learning digital marketing course is the first step to know about the field and to know it better one must always understand that without implementing it in a practical way you cannot move further so I would go for a job first because it would sharpen my skill more accurately and then after gaining precise experience can opt for to be an Entrepreneur.

5.Why you opted skill circle for Digital marketing course?

At first, I was not sure which digital marketing institute I should go for because there were so many institutes so I searched a lot of institutes for doing digital marketing course. So I looked at a bunch of institutes and I met with Skillcircle institute and after having satisfied counselling with them I decided to choose this institute to learn digital marketing course. Joining this institution was the correct decision I think I made. I liked Skill Circle because they were providing me with relevant modules which had helped me to get my first job. Their way of teaching is so nice, mostly they explain everything through practical classes and also give theory classes. The teachers who teach us are very experienced in Digital Marketing. I definitely think that being under the guidance of an experienced trainer helped me a lot.

6.How was your experience at skill circle?

Honestly, my experience in Skillcircle was Wonderful. Shivam sir is one of the best mentors to get inspired by. He and his team provided me with the best learning experience. I learned so many things that I can implement in my life. The courses which I learned in Skillcircle has helped me a lot to get my first job. The training in this institute is different from any others. They provide balance training which would not let you get in the loop after completing it. During this pandemic situation when a whole lot of people were losing and not getting jobs it was Skillcircle who assisted me to get my first job. The learning environment is great. So I would definitely say that my experience in Skillcircle was wonderful.

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