Let’s hear what Chirag Sharma has to say about his experience of building his career in digital marketing with Skillcircle.  He is one of the most aspiring candidates of Skillcircle who wants to enhance his digital marketing skills. He is a scholar of Skillcircle. He is also pursuing graduation in BBA from JIMS. He aims to work in the marketing field and later on, start his marketing firm. Let us now hear his journey through his words.

Let’s know more about his journey through his words: 

“I am an undergraduate currently pursuing BBA from JIMS, Rohini. Being into the studies of business administration I understood that good and efficient marketing is a key to every successful business. Due to the boom in IT and the Pandemic, there is a sharp shift and inclination towards digitalization of nearly every service these days, this is the reason why the digital market has a very huge potential in terms of career as well as personal growth. Keeping this in mind I did some research about the same and my dedication to acquire some skills in this field led me to SkillCircle, which provided me with appropriate training material and the required exposure. After successful completion of my digital marketing course with Skillcircle, I found a perfect job of my choice through the placement assistance given to me by Skillcircle.”

After listening to his experience with SkillCircle we decided to ask him few questions about it.

1. Why did you choose the Digital Marketing course?

Being an undergraduate of BBA, marketing plays a crucial role in my ongoing field and everything around us is digitalizing, so is marketing. The current situation of pandemic and the sharp shift towards IT has led to the digitalization of nearly all business services these days. Pursuing digital marketing is like adding one of the most demanding skills to my current knowledge. Marketing had been the attraction of study for a long time, and the inclination towards IT is destined to create great career opportunities in the field of digital marketing in near future. Also being efficient in digital marketing and having practical skills is providing me an edge in the present-day job competition. 

2 . What things do you learn from digital marketing or have learned till now?

I’ve learned a lot during my course. The entire course covers a variety of skills in which one can choose skills in which he/she wants to be specialized in. Skillcircle provides you the best and in-depth knowledge of each module but keeping the current market needs in mind and based on my interests, I’ve chosen Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Optimization(SMO), Google Ads, and Web Designing.

3. What is your aspiration? (you want to do in life)

I have always had a business mind since childhood that is why I’m pursuing BBA and digital marketing, my main aspiration in life is to start my marketing firm. For reaching this goal I need a lot of experience and skills. For this, I’m looking forward to working with a well-reputed company in the marketing field to develop and gain adequate and appropriate skillset and work experience. 

4. What do you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

As more businesses are entering the digital marketing field, they will further escalate the demand for skilled and talented digital marketing professionals who can add value to their business. After learning digital marketing, I think I have got a lot of opportunities for my career. I can increase my market value, I can work with a well-reputed firm, I can work as a freelancer, I can enhance my skills and creativity and most importantly I can gain a lot of experience and open my firm.

5. Why you opted SkillCircle for a Digital marketing course?

When I decided to learn Digital marketing, I did some research about various institutes/companies/organizations which can provide me with suitable training and adequate practical exposure. I’ve chosen Skillcircle because among all the institutes I’ve researched on Skillcircle was the only one that was providing internship and 100% job placement. I found that Skillcircle stood tall in the market and that’s why I chose the digital marketing course offered by Skillcircle.

6. How was your experience at the SkillCircle?

It was amazing and Skillcircle was able to fulfill all the expectations, I had in my mind at the time of joining the course. The trainers here are very interactive,  highly educated, and very helpful. The staff is very polite and kind. The environment of the class is very calm. I’ve learned a lot of things apart from the digital marketing course, I’ve developed my personality and gained a lot of confidence.


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