Priya is a brilliant creative-minded student who didn’t know what to pursue after her schooling and later on decided to learn digital marketing. She always wanted to go for an interesting course with a good career scope. She wants to start her own digital marketing agency.

Let’s know more about her journey through her words: 

“When my school ended, I was not certain about the course I wanted to join, I wanted to learn something interesting and different that’s why I chose digital marketing. Online marketing is like an ocean, and this time online marketing has lots of opportunities. We can grow ourselves and know the people’s needs and interests also. What I think is that if a person has a creative mind, this is a wonderful field for them to show their abilities and build their career in the field of their own interest.”

After listening to her experience with SkillCircle we decided to ask her few questions about it.

1. Why did you choose the Digital Marketing course?

Digital marketing is a growing field that everyone is pursuing nowadays. Digital marketing is very interesting as it has a variety of skills to be learned. It has lots of opportunities you can go for.

2 . What things do you learn from digital marketing or have learned till now?

Digital marketing is a field in which there are so many skills to be learned. I have learned how to run Ads, on social media how to run campaigns and become a digital marketing expert and how to find the right keywords.

3. What is your aspiration? (you want to do in life)

My aspiration is that I want to learn the required skills to work somewhere and gain experience so that I can start my own digital marketing agency in the future.

4. What do you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

Talking about my short-term goals, I want to do a job in a well-reputed company and polish my skills and gain more knowledge. Talking about my long-term goals, I will start my own digital marketing agency.

5. Why you opted SkillCircle for a Digital marketing course?

Nowadays every field has high competition and when I went through the reviews of Skillcircle, I decided to join it. They also provide you with an internship and guaranteed placement.

6. How was your experience at the SkillCircle?

My experience with Skillcircle was really good. The teachers here are very helpful and supportive. Classmates were also very friendly and kind. The environment of the class was very calm and interactive. I really loved the time I’ve spent at Skillcircle.


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