Sahil Vadera is a very hardworking and innovative student of Skillcircle who achieved great things through his hard work and dedication to the course. Sahil is a business-minded alumnus who wants to start up his own business after gaining enough experience and skills. Let’s see how he got to know about Skillcircle and how was his experience there. 

Let’s hear from Sahil about how his journey and experience with Skillcircle went.  

“After completing school, I joined a CA course but even after giving my best for it, all my hard work and efforts went in vain, I didn’t pass the foundation exam. After failing the examination for which I’ve worked so hard I felt like giving up. I decided to leave the CA course. One day when I was scrolling my Instagram feed and I came across an ad for the Skillcircle digital marketing course and I was fascinated by the course and services they were providing. Later on, I developed my interest in the digital marketing course and decided to join Skillcircle. After pursuing this course, I feel like I’ve done something very good and productive as nowadays it is in great demand. Skillcircle provides you with the best trainers and a very good course. The thing that I liked the most about Skillcircle is that from the very first day, we are treated like digital marketers. My experience with Skillcircle is one of the best parts of my life.”

After listening to his experience with SkillCircle we decide to ask him few questions about it.

1. Why did you choose the Digital Marketing course?

I always had an interest in the marketing field and now as everyone knows, every field is opting for digitalization. As we all know, digital marketing is one of the most grooming fields, This is the era of digital marketing. Being a marketing enthusiast, I always wanted to do marketing through different mediums. If marketing can be done digitally also then learning it practically will enhance my marketing skills digitally as well. This will help me a lot in my future endeavors. 

2 . What things do you learn from digital marketing or have learned till now?

Digital marketing is a course that includes a vast number of skills. One can choose their own field/fields of specialization. What I have learned here in this course is Web Designing, Facebook Marketing, Graphic Designing, SEO, SMM, Google Ads, etc. What I choose to be specialized in is Performance Marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), and Google Ads.

3. What is your aspiration? (you want to do in life)

As I have already lost a year because of the CA course now I want to enhance my skills by doing a job for a few years. Later on, I want to start my own business, grow my business and make it reach great heights, and become a successful businessman. 

4. What do you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

Pursuing an extra skill will always help you in securing your future. According to me, one can opt for a career of their own choice whether he/she wants to do a job, work as a freelancer, or start up a business. I want to do a job for a few years so that I can professionalize my skills and start my business. 

5. Why you opted SkillCircle for a Digital marketing course?

I developed my interest in digital marketing after seeing Skillcircle’s Ad. What made me choose Skillcircle is because it provides you with offline and online classes as per your conveniences, focuses on practical training more than the theoretical part, internships, and it also gives you placement guarantees. 

6. How was your experience at the SkillCircle?

Overall,  it was a nice experience. I am very much satisfied after working with such good people, all of them are very helpful. The classes were very interactive and I had great fun there. The environment of the class is very calm and motivating. 


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