Karandeep Singh is a Bba student at Iitm college and he lives in New Delhi . He joined skill circle for the Digital marketing course and completed his internship at skill circle .Karan is keen to learn about how digital marketing work as he know that upcoming business will be done globally and through online marketing.so he decided to do digital marketing course to upgrade his skills and explore the new oppportunities .

Let’s see what Karan think about Skill circle and Digital marketing course:-

“Hello guys my name is Karandeep singh and i would like to share my story and experince of skill circle and digital marketing. So let start from begning that why i want to do digital marketing course and why i choose Skill circle.As we all know that todays time is all about getting updated in all forms of life specially in the field you want to work or have interest in,so i observed that there is lot of boom in digital world and lot of new opportunities are there in this particular field that is the reason i choose digital marketing field and the reason i choose skill circle is because of webinar i attended of shivam sir .The webinar is all about that what we will learn in this internship and i found most of the things according to my interest which i always wanted to do ,that is the reason i choose skill circle.

After listing to his story we asked him some questions about his learning and experience let see what he said:-

why did you choose digital marketing course ?

I choose digital marketing because i want to get knowledge about digital media thats how its work and now a days almost everyperson want to do there business digitally and it is an amazing concept to get learn about new things that how business can be done on digital platform.

What things you learn from digital marketing or learn’t till now?

I have learnt how to create amazing websites and how to make website attractive and catchy for the customers.I have also learn that how we can generate online campaigns for our business and generate leads through them and many more other things.

What yours aspiration? (you want to do in life)

My aspiration towards the career options is that i want to become entrepreneur and whatever i will do i should had interest in it because the career option is what we have do throughout the life.

What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

I can do lot of things after doing digital marketing course such as i can become freelancer ,website designer and many more other oppoptunities are there after doing the digital marketing course . opportunities are always there in this field .

Why you opted skill circle for Digital marketing course?

I opted skill circle because skill circle has very good mentor like shivam sir who has very good vision in this field and skill circle is one of the best institute for digital marketing and there are lot of live activities are there for learning the digital marketing in good and effective way.

How was your experience at skill circle?

My experience at skill circle is very good, as i got to learn about how online marketing is done ,how website is made and exposure to the lot of opportunities and new ideas. Also our mentor taught us things in best way possible by live campaigns and many more other things.


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