Hey everyone, my name is Arushi. My journey of Digital marketing is full of ups and downs. I am a Computer engineer by profession but due to some reasons I couldn’t get a chance to work in IT sector. I got married and I was living at a very remote location as my husband was posted at a Gas plant by then.

After my husband got transferred to Delhi, I did a course in Big data and applied in few companies but again there was a huge gap and all my efforts went in vain as i did not get a positive response from any company but one thing happened in the mid of all this. When I was taking classes of Big data, in the adjacent class people were learning Digital marketing and at that time I came to know about Digital marketing world.

So I started reading about Digital marketing and gained whatever I could. I heard a lot about Skillcircle from one my friends , so attended a webinar of Shivam sir. I enrolled myself for the internship. This internship has given me a direction. My experience in Digital marketing till now has been truly enriching and looking forward to explore uncharted territories in this coming time.

After listening to her story we asked some questions about his learning and experience at skill circle:-

why did you choose digital marketing course ?

Because i find Digital marketing quite interesting. This is a lucrative career these days and after every business being digitalised it also has good job opportunities. One can really excel is this field in a very short span of time under good mentorship. I want to enhance my knowledge in this field and i want to work in an mnc. This field also allow me to work as a freelancer whenever i want.

What things you learn from digital marketing or learn’t till now?

I have learnt Social media marketing(both organic and paid), Google Ads, content marketing, Search engine optimisation.

What yours aspiration? (you want to do in life)

I want to work in an Mnc in the same field and after getting some exposure I want to start my own company that can help small business and entrepreneurs to grow exponentially.

What you think you can do after learning the digital marketing course?

I think Digital marketing is a great field to start a career. I can design WordPress websites for clients, can do social media marketing, SEO and can help my clients forging good bonds with their clientele.

why you opted skill circle for Digital marketing course?

I have heard a lot about Skillcircle. After a decent research i made up mind to join skill circle. In this competitive world when it is easy to get a degree but getting a good job has become a far fetched dream and Skillcircle is providing those skills that every employer looks for. It also assist students in fetching jobs. In a very short span of time, I have learnt so much.

How was your experince at skill circle?

My experience with Skillcircle is really good. Shivam sir is a great mentor indeed, he has in depth knowledge of Digital marketing and clears almost every doubt in the class.. I really like the practical environment and how he focuses more on practical implementation. I really found it useful.


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